bee balm, monarda fisulosa grows very abundantly in my bio region. bee balm has many names including horse mint and wild bergamot.  spicy, very aromatic, and stimulating this plant can take you back to a hot summer day.  bee balm is closely related to thyme, both are in the mint family.  the usefulness of this plant is quite amazing, she is excellent for overall mouth health, and can also address infections in the mouth.  bee balm is a wonderful spicy carminative herb promoting healthy digestion, excellent to cook with.  people have also found monarda to be useful in combating yeast infections, and helpful with uti's. this oxymel is must have during the cold and flu season as well.  not only excellent in fighting infection and restoring healthy flora, bee balm is a relaxing nervine as well.  this listing is for a 4 oz bee balm oxymel. as always, this is a fresh plant herbal remedy, it can bee taken quite liberally, think if it as food.  this product contains honey, don't give it to children under one.

bee balm oxymel + monarda fistulosa

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