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these lip balms are lovely, and the tubes are compostable. they come in 1/2 oz tubes, so these are a little fatter than the usual chapstick tube. simply push up from the bottom with your finger. this listing is for three tubes of lip balm, and shipping is included in the price. this listing is one of each of your choice: wild chamomile, orange dandelion, lemon rosehip, calendula, or peppermint comfrey.


orange dandelion: dandelion flowers infused olive/ avocado oil, grass-fed beef tallow, sweet orange essential oil, and beeswax.


lemon rosehip: rosehip-infused avocado/olive oil, grass-fed beef tallow, lemon essential oil, and beeswax.


peppermint comfrey: comfrey leaf-infused olive oil, grass-fed beef tallow, peppermint essential oil, and beeswax.


wild chamomile: wild chamomile infused olive/avocado oil, grass fed beef tallow, and beeswax


calendula : calendula infused olive/avocado oil, grass fed beef tallow, and beeswax.


* means essential oil free

herbal lip balm + tallow variety + three tubes

  • this item cannot be returned however if there is an issue with your order or you are unsatisfied please reach out and let me know so i can revise the situation at my discretion.

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