thuja plicata or western red cedar is a wonderful calming conifer.  this oil is made in a slow infusion process, and does not contain any essential oils.  intended for herbal body oiling, massage, or moisturizing in general.  can be applied anywhere, including your face.  drop down into the calming conifers, and wrap yourself in the wild forests of montana.  this oil is made of red cedar and avocado oil, its a gentle, simply herbal oil.  a small percentage of people are allergic to conifers, and cedar in particular.  so start with a small amount on the back of your hand, and work up from there.  i love scalp to toe covering,  included in purchase is a brochure all about body oiling. this listing is for a 4 oz bottle.  i have also created a blog post all about herbal body oiling, and how the oils are made, the sacred art of body oiling

red cedar body oil + essential oil free

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