this is an in person class ~ focusing on burdock, yellow dock, and dandelion

come dig some roots + learn about herbal root tonics


saturday april 17th 10-2ish 

at the creative arts center studio c

eureka montana

this class has three tiers of payment, i know confusing. it just depends on how many remedies you would like to make. this class focuses on three different herbs, and you can make a remedy with all three herbs, make three remedies with one herb, or just make one remedy.  this is up to you.  all tiers of payment include a monograph (detailed write-up) on burdock, yellow dock, and dandelion. plus i'm sharing how i create tinctures, vinegar tonics, and herbal infusions.  you can pay for the class ahead of time if you like below, or i accept cash, check, and card on the day of the class.  prices are $25 (one remedy), $35 (two remedies), or $45 (three remedies)

i will provide tea, kombucha, and a few light snacks

things to bring to class ~ if you have available at your home. if you don't have any of these items, i have plenty to share,  this is not a big deal.  a 5-gallon bucket, shovel, gloves, and pint mason jars. we will also be driving to the harvest location, not far around 10 miles or so, and can carpool.

contact me, dacia ~ call or text 406-291-0539 to reserve your spot or email

i am so excited about spring, this class, and all the glorious benefits these green allies share with us.

spring roots herbal remedy making class + three remedy option