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a little history.....

   as a child, i remember my father picking a spruce tip and saying you can eat these.  that was my first experience with wild food.  although growing up in southeast alaska we actually ate a lot of wild food but in a meat n' berry sort of way.  wild food and cooking with local weeds are some of my favorite things, and i share a lot of my experiences with them over in the blog section.  i have always been drawn to the plants as a child i loved playing and pretending with the wild violets and seaweeds. 

  in high school i took a weekend workshop taught by janice schofield (author of discovering wild plants) this introduced me to medicine making and i made my first salve in this class.  right out of high school i moved to montana and quickly became acquainted with a few local plants.  wild mints, saint john's wort, and yarrow.

how it's going....

   i have spent my whole adult life interacting, experimenting, and studying plants local to this bioregion.  i am a self-taught herbalist and am continually learning.  the plants have my heart and soul.  i pledge allegiance to the land.

 my herb craft mostly consists of one plant folk remedies, although i do offer a few combinations.  most of the herbal remedies i create are made with fresh wildcrafted plants.  i also offer a few in-person classes focusing on local plants and medicine making.

   in addition to the herbal aspect of simply josephine i am also a soapmaker.  i have been making soap since 2000,  i am passionate about creating essential oil-free herbal bars.  simple, gentle, and skin-nourishing.

  sewing is a craft i enjoy as well, so there are usually a few sewn offerings.  i love putting fabric together and i am continually inspired by color.

where to find me......

   if you are local to the tobacco valley i am often at the farmers market and other local events.  i usually attend the lincoln county fair and rendezvous days.  we do leave montana in july and august, during those months i can be found peddling my wares at the community market in wrangell, alaska.  i can be reached by email at feel free to communicate with me there.  thank you for stopping by my little corner of the interweb        dacia

   oh yes! my name is dacia, i chose simply josephine for my business name because my crafts are evolving and changing (i'm learning how to knit) and dacia is hard to pronounce, remember, etc.  i love the name josephine and it is my daughters' name.  

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