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spring trip + cabin fever on etolin island

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

etolin island

well, we pulled off another crazy spring trip and wow so much snow. i had big plans for all kinds of things but i didn't factor in all this snow so those things will have to wait for our summer trip. our cozy little cabin is located in southeast alaska not far from where i grew up in wrangell, alaska. this area of alaska is a temperate rainforest and is located in the tongass national forest. summers are mild and rainy winters are moderately cold though not very cold by "alaska standards"

etolin island       zimovia strait

it felt amazing to be reunited with the tide. the tide quickly reminds me that i am not in control of anything and mother nature cares not if one lives or dies. the tide is such a powerful presence in one's life and i look forward to being with her again.

cute outhouse ideas

most of the trip was spent shoveling snow ~ haha. there are several outbuildings that needed their roofs cleared. so my son riley and i did a lot of roof raking and he even climbed on a few roofs to just shovel. the snow was very heavy. we came down on my parents' troller "at ease" we set and picked a few crab pots on the way down. fresh crab at the cabin is pretty damn dreamy. we caught both tanner and dungeness crab. tanner crab are often marketed under the name "snow crab" in the lower 48.

i was able to get a lot of stuff done inside this time around. the spare room has been a catch all since purchasing the cabin and i was very pleased to get that room cleared out, cleaned up, and ready for company. my dad also helped me with several little projects like hanging shelves and wiring lights.

at the hardware store in wrangell there were only two pendant lights to choose from, so it was an easy choice.

oh my ~ that view never gets old. of course, this witch had to bring a broom. my house isn't complete without one.

this broom is perfect for the cabin there are little loons painted on it.

zimovia strait

it is always so hard to leave the cabin however montana in the spring time is pretty sweet and very convenient too after spending time here. i am full of inspiration for our return in june. i want to paint the outside of the cabin and the outhouse. we shall see if the weather will hold out that long. etolin island receives about 100 inches of rain a year. i did manage to harvest some devil's club to keep y'all in salve. as always, the best way to stay connected is to subscribe to my newsletters

i am wishing everyone a glorious spring full of inspiration and new growth.

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