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episode #9 avocado dyeing + ogden cami + rosehip body oil making

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

hello hello and welcome to my first blog post using my website, i have had a blog on blogger for years, however, i've decided to have everything available right here in one place, so thanks for stopping by, and seeing what i have been up to lately. and a happy happy new year to you all.

isn't this a nice picture + we took this in november on our way back from libby. it's lake koocanusa. now onto the avocado dyeing........

i separated the pits + skins for this dyeing project, the pits are in the back row, skins in the front. i used alum as a mordant, alum acetate. i scour in the washing machine, then use a cold method for mordanting. i basically put the freshly washed items in a five-gallon bucket with the mordant solution and soak overnight. then i put the wet items back in the washing machine, and use the drain + spin setting. then the wet items go from the washing machine right into the dye pots. lots of details over at my channel simply josephine

so i finally jumped on that ogden cami bandwagon, and i'm in love. in the podcast, i talk all about it. the pattern is a true bias pattern, you can order one right from them

i am in love with rosehip body oil, and i am sure you will love this too. in episode #9 i give a tutorial on making rosehip body oil. so here is the episode

thanks for joining me here, and as always leave a comment if you have questions, and please share with a friend. cheers dacia

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