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learn about goldenrod and all it’s wonderful benefits

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

you have probably come across a patch of goldenrod swaying back and forth in the wind….. and thought what is this showy delight. glorious goldenrod is in the asteraceae plant family also known as the daisy family. the goldenrod harvest is a gentle reminder that summer is over and we are emerging into autumn. the botanical name is solidago which means “to make whole”

energetically speaking she is bitter, drying, aromatic, diuretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidepressant, and antiseptic.

there are countless uses, and more are being added to the list daily. they include bladder infections, kidney stones, seasonal allergies, arthritis, antioxidant increasing, mood elevation, and edema.

goldenrod is insect-pollinated, so she can be a little buggy when harvested. i lay the plants out on a towel to let the bugs vacate. this can take place overnight and can be done outside. i like to harvest the top third of the plant, leave lots for the bees and other insects.

i like to make several remedies with goldenrod 🌾 including oxymels, tinctures, body oils, salves, and some dried on hand for teas or fevers. a few years back i created a youtube video all about goldenrod and if you are interested in creating your own remedies, you can check that out here.

the infused oil and or salve is excellent for arthritis and acute injuries. I like to full body oil with a mixture of goldenrod and saint john’s wort oils during the grey days of january. this combination is a warm earthy reminder of summer‘s hot dry days. you can combine this body oiling with the tincture of one or both for help with seasonal affective disorder. I have also published a blog post all about body oiling here

goldenrod also has a significantly high amount of antioxidants, antioxidants reduce free radicals in the body thus reducing cell damage. goldenrod is a good source of rutin, a flavonoid beneficial for heart health and the cardiovascular system.

goldenrod is excellent to have around during the cold and flu season. a strong tea will aid in a person’s healthy fever response and break up mucus. goldenrod is astringent which means it tightens and tones tissues. this is why it’s so helpful for seasonal allergies. i hope i have given you some ideas to research further, I include some resources at the end of this post.

my shop has several goldenrod offerings including a goldenrod collection. you can link to these listings here:

thank you all for being in my little corner of the interwebs and supporting this small business. please feel free to contact me with questions or comment below. wishing you all a beautiful transition to fall.

some resources:

herbal roots zine ~ glorious goldenrod by kristine brown

the book of herbal wisdom by matthew wood

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