I live near a river in Northwest Montana, and that river bottom is where I collected the cottonwood buds in this salve. We have black cottonwood trees here, populus trichocarpa. I obtained the properties of the buds, through a folk method of infusing. I love how ever yday the oil becomes darker and darker. The buds infuse for months, then i strain it, and combined it with local beeswax. That is it, completely essential-oil free. 

I have had great feedback from people who say it helps their pets when they have injury or pain. This salve is extremely useful, great to have on hand. It is also referred to as Balm of Gilead, so I'll let you research that further if you like. Cottonwood salve has many uses and it is often my favorite for a variety of complaints, including minor scrapes or cuts, miscellaneous rashes, and bug bites. The salve comes in a 2 oz glass jar. Free Shipping!

cottonwood bud salve + pain relief salve + balm of gilead + essential oil free

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