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cottonwood buds emerge in early spring and are the first green ally of the year to be wildcrafted. the cottonwood growing in my bioregion and the buds i use come from black cottonwood or populus trichocarpa.

most of the buds harvested here at simply josephine come from the tobacco river area and a slow process oil infusion is how i obtain the plant constitutes.

cottonwood has been used for centuries and is an extremely valuable plant to know, have around, or stock the herbal medicine chest with. cottonwood contains compounds that help reduce inflammation and pain. a member of the willow plant family she is a vulnerary which means she aids in healing wounds, cuts, scraps, and burns.

ingredients in this salve are very simple, cottonwood bud infused olive oil and beeswax. salve comes in a 2 oz jar and will last a long time if kept out of direct sunlight. shipping is included in price.

cottonwood bud salve + pain relief salve + balm of gilead + essential oil free

  • this item cannot be returned however if you have an issue with your order please reach out

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