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the sacred art of body oiling is a simple effective way to connect to ourselves and the plants. body oiling brings nourishment to the skin and relaxation to the nervous system.

this oil is made from fresh spring harvested wildcrafted devil's club root bark infused in avocado oil. wildcrafted from the tongass nations forest. it's perfect for sore muscles or joints, add it to a bath for a super relaxing experience. the aroma is of freshly peeled devil's club root, it transports me back to fond childhood memories in southeast alaska. it smells of sweet dirt.

devil's club is the most sacred plant of all to the tlingit people, of which my heritage is on my father's side. i feel a great sense of privilege and respect while working with this plant. the tlingit word for devil's club is s'axt' pronounced "socked" some individuals are sensitive to devils club, so please test a small amount on your skin first before covering yourself in oil. this listing is for a 4-ounce bottle of oil and it also comes with a brochure, explaining body oils, and how i use them. if you want to find out more about body oiling, and how the oils are made, check out my blog post all about it, the sacred art of body oiling.

devil's club body oil + essential oil free

  • this item cannot be returned however if there is an issue with your order or you are unsatisfied please reach out and let me know so i can revise the situation at my discretion.

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