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the sacred art of body oiling is a simple and effective way to connect to ourselves + the plants. body oiling brings nourishment to the skin + relaxation to the nervous system.

wildcrafted from the mountains of montana at peak harvesting times these violets are infused in organic avocado oil. simple ingredients.

lots of folks find violet oil supports the skin and the lymphatic system. energetically speaking violets are cooling and moistening making the an excellent oil for hot, dry, or inflamed skin. violet oil can also be a lovely topical aid for breast massage assisting in the breakdown of hardened cysts or cyclical

breast pain.

this body oil is scent less if you want your body oil to have a scent i would go with the wild chamomile, alpine fir, or cottonwood bud body oils. this comes in a 4-ounce dropper bottle, and includes a brochure with tips and information on body oiling. excellent for massage too.

wild violet leaf + flower body oil + essential oil free

  • this item cannot be returned however if there is an issue with your order or you are unsatisfied please reach out and let me know so i can correct the situation at my discretion.

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