the sacred art of body oiling is a simple and effective way to connect to ourselves + the plants. body oiling brings nourishment to the skin + relaxation to the nervous system.  st. john’s wort or hypericum perforatum grows near my home. the fresh flowering tops were ethically wildcrafted by me. i use a slow process extraction, infusing out of direct sunlight for months. resulting in a beautiful deep red colored oil. st. john’s wort has many benefits but one, in particular, is the ability to aid in nerve pain. nerve pain can be some of the most debilitating and excruciating pain. sharp and burning. many folks have found st. john’s wort relieving pain from sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, and spinal injuries. i personally like this oil combined with the st. john’s wort tincture during dark cold days of winter. i find it to be a sunny reminder of summertime. i find the oil to be extremely skin nourishing and warming. i would recommend those suffering from seasonal affective disorder to make body oiling a daily ritual with st. john’s wort oil. this body oil comes in a 4-ounce bottle and includes a brochure with tips and information on body oiling. excellent for massage too. if you are interested in reading further about herbal body oiling, and how i make the oils, please check out my blog post all about it, the sacred art of body oiling

st john's wort body oil + essential oil free

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