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created with calming botanicals and handcrafted in small batches. this lovely sleep aid combines lavender, wild chamomile, bedstraw, mugwort, and sage infused olive oil with beeswax.

garden grown lavender blesses us with a range of uses including relieving tension, mildly antidepressant, and a powerful nervine.

wildcrafted wild chamomile-infused olive oil is relaxing to the nervous system and very nourishing. it is my favorite infused oil. the smell is intoxicating, sweet, and earthy. i absolutely love it.

lady’s bedstraw has many benefits too many to list in fact. i chose to add this herb because i find it intoxicatingly calming. bedstraw has a tradition use with skin conditions.

mugwort oh sweet mugwort the herb that dreams are made of. mugwort is in the asteraceae plant family. mugwort oil increases circulation, helps with mental clarity, and most importantly aids in self awareness, intuition, and memory. mugwort is a perfect herb for healing bedtime routines and rituals.

the white sage in this salve is cultivated and from mountain rose herbs. white sage has a history of traditional uses both for its healthful qualities as well as ceremonial use.

this salve was designed to promote relaxation and de stress not make you sleepy. clear the mind, quite thoughts, and use as a nighttime ritual. you can apply this salve and use in traditional salve ways such as cuts, scrapes, and burns. however, i recommended using this salve when you crawl into bed at night, dab under your nose, apply to temples, forehead, neck, and drift off. very nice before bed but can be used anywhere anytime.

this listing is for a 2 oz jar.

sweet dreams salve + calm balm + essential oil free

  • this item cannot be returned however if there is an issue with your order or you are unsatisfied please reach out and let me know so i can revise the situation at my discretion.

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